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A Timeless Romance Anthology

Blind Date Collection

by Rachel Branton & 5 More, 303 pages

Readers will love this collection of six novellas—three contemporary and three historical—all with one thing in common: Romance.

Amazon #1 Bestselling series in *New Release* for Clean Romance

My contemporary romance story, Bianca’s Hope is included in this anthology. Bianca is one of the teens from Lily’s House—all grown up!

A blind-date-gone-wrong is not the way Bianca would have chosen to celebrate the news that she might be losing her business, but saying no to the sister who took care of her after their mother’s death proves impossible. So for one date, one torturous evening, she’ll endure the company of an infuriating, heartless man she has no intention of ever seeing again. She doesn’t expect her heart to have other plans. Bianca soon learns that sometimes the unexpected is not only what you need, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for all along.

Plus Three Historical Romance Novellas:

The Promise that Katy Did by Annette Lyon: After the death of her friend, Katy must honor the unusual promise she made: meet with Mr. Balmer. The elderly gentleman arranges for his grandson Barrett to escort her to a town dance.

A Lady of Sense by Sarah M. Eden: Eleanor Sherwood has lived her entire life under her parents’ thumb with little hope of escape. When they choose the unbearable Mr. Broadstead to be her future husband, she begs her father for another option. What is a lady to do when faced with such an impossible choice?

A Second Chance by Heather B. Moore: When Millie asks Virginia to participate in a double-date, Virginia knows she’s not ready to start dating again. Reluctantly she agrees, only to find out that Max might just be the man who can repair the cracks in her heart.

And Two More Contemporary Romance Novellas:

Braelynn’s Blind Date by Victorine E. Lieske: When Braelynn agrees to go on a blind date, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Tyler is gorgeous and the perfect gentleman. Of course she should have known it was too good to be true. Monday morning, she discovers that her gorgeous blind date is her new boss.

Blind Spot by Sariah Wilson: When Ria reads about a country teeming with princes, she drops everything and applies to grad school there. But every blind date goes wrong, and Ria discovers that all the things she thought she wanted in a man are far from what she really needs.


Bryan Beckstrom says...

"Bianca's Hope is a great novella that you won't be able to put down . . . I loved reading Bianca's Hope. I love getting to know about these characters!"

Amy C says...

"I think this is my favorite so far from A Timeless Romance Anthology collections."

JL says...

"This book teaches the importance of not always judging people by a first impression also that sometimes we have to look beyond our emotions. I really liked this story. Bianca had faced a lot of tough times in her life. She needed a happily ever after story."

Rainwater says...

"I loved Bianca's Hope! I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet romance but more than that I really enjoyed that like her sister Zoey, she had overcome her difficult painful past. Sometimes people who have been injured by others have a difficult time trusting other humans. Bianca was no different but the beautify is she overcame, with sweet romantic help. I hope there are more Zoey/Bianca stories . . ."