Cover for Never Letting Go
A Town Called Forgotten #5 COMING SOON: November 1, 2023

Never Letting Go

by Rachel Branton

Ronica gave Josiah up once before, and it was the right thing to do. But now that they’ve lived a life apart, does she really have to let him go again?

Coming November 1st! Purchase links coming soon.

After life takes an unexpected turn, Ronica Wilson is ready to move forward with Josiah Campbell, the best friend she has grown to love, the man who has always been there, never letting go. But fate has other plans for them and for others in their lives—and especially a person who has wronged Josiah.

Now Ronica’s future is uncertain. They’ve already spent most of their lives apart raising families and loving others. Can they hold on tight while still doing the honorable thing, or will Ronica have to lose the only man who has always been there for her?

Welcome to the small town of Forgotten, where people are more concerned about who you are now than what you might have left behind. Each of the novels in this series are stand-alone books, and you can read them in any order. However, the characters are like one big, extended family and often appear in many of the books, so by reading all of them, you can catch up with what your favorite characters are doing now.