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A Town Called Forgotten #3

Reason to Breathe

by Rachel Branton, 244 pages

Keisha has plans for her future, and none of them include a man who wasn’t willing to fight for her, but this time Xander knows the score, and he’s not going anywhere.

Xander would give up anything for a second chance with Keisha. In Forgotten, anything is possible.

Keisha Jefferson’s dreams of marrying the man she loved and becoming an attorney like the father she lost were cut short one stormy night when her choices slipped from her grasp. Four years later, she’s ready to take on the world again, though her dreams have changed, especially those involving love.

When another storm brings Xander Greenwood back into her life, he’s every bit as attractive as before—and as devastating to her heart. While her life was spinning out of control, he’s made good, a poor boy from a small town now turned doctor. But this time, Keisha won’t fall into his trap. She wants nothing to do with the man who didn’t love her enough to fight for her.

Xander has sacrificed much to achieve his goals, but he’d give it all up for one more chance with Keisha. If only he can get past her secrets to understand why she left him. Yet the truth he discovers threatens to unwind all the progress he’s made with her. Can he find his way back, or will he lose her again—this time forever?

Welcome to the small town of Forgotten, where people are more concerned about who you are now than what you might have left behind. The novels in this series are stand-alone books, and you can read them in any order. However, the characters are like one big, extended family and often appear in many of the books, so by reading all of them, you can catch up with what your favorite characters are doing now.


Louise says...

"I am always excited to see that Rachel Branton has a new book, so how did I miss the first two in the Forgotten series?? Now that I have read this one, I'll need to remedy that. This was a sweet, clean romance that kept me wanting to keep reading. Keisha had her heart broken a few years ago after a bad automobile accident with no contact from her fiance. Said fiance had his heart broken when Keisha suddenly seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. What would happen if they ran into each other again after all this time? I'm sure you can figure out the answer, but it's the interesting plot of how they got to that point that will make it hard to put the book down. I loved the meddling of Aunt Olivia; she added a lot to the story, even if you will want to hate the woman. And you just may wish you lived in the small town of "Forgotten.""

Salustra Wallace says...

"She just draws you in and the characters are so real. The stories are alway interesting whether gritty Urban Fantasy or Heartwarming like Forgotten and they are worlds really draw you in. Never start her books on a Sunday as you will still be reading when alarm goes off Monday. While Unbound is my favorite series as an A type personality but one always can use a comforting place like Forgotten to curl up with in these Insane times."