Lisbon’s Misadventure Book 2, Making Progress

We are making progress toward a title and cover. We’ve decided to go with the “I Don’t Want” theme after all, which threw out my favorite title. But we’ve have two new titles I like. Let me know what you think we should choose for BOOK 2! I personally am leaning toward #4 without the shade on the cat’s stomach. Once again, I’m posting the first cover so you can compare. Again, these are the ebook covers (so they are about two inches longer than the print ones).

Book 1 Cover (already published)

I Don't Want to Eat Bugs by Rachel Branton

Book 2, Options 1 and 2:

Test Cover 1 for Lisbon's Misadventures Book 2

Test Cover 1.2 for Lisbon's Misadventures Book 2

Book 2, Option 3:

Test Cover 2 for Lisbon's Misadventures Book 2

Book 2, Options 4, 5, 6:

One has shade removed from the cat. The third one of these has the “to Have” added in the title.

Test Cover 3 for Lisbon's Misadventures Book 2



Let me know what you think!

4 Responses to “Lisbon’s Misadventure Book 2, Making Progress”

  1. Sonya

    Option 6 but maybe with a subtle version of the shade on the cat in Option 4.
    Perhaps remove it from the cat’s hind leg completely and lower the opacity of the shade on the rest of the cat. I think showing the shade on the cat with that expression really emphasizes the heat since it’s not very noticeable (at first) in the blonde hair.

  2. Patricia Johnson

    Not knowing what the book is about makes it difficult. If the book is mostly about her hot toes then definitely #3. If it is about her interactions with the bird #1. Goodluck

  3. Chloe

    As a cat lover, I’m of the opinion that every scene benefits from a feline presence, so I like Option 4.

  4. Debra

    I like the last one–with the cat? Yeppers, that’s the one I like. 🙂


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