Colony Six

by Teyla Branton
4 books Status: 3 Books and 1 Novella | Finished

Eighty years after Breakdown, Detective Reese Parker has pulled herself up from the dregs of society in Welfare Colony 6 to become a sketch artist and enforcer for the CORE (Commonwealth Objective for Reform and Efficiency). But someone is willing to do anything to stop Reese and her former Colony 6 crew from discovering the truth behind what is has been done to them—and what they have become. A dystopian blend of sci-fi and fantasy.

Colony Six #0


Detective Reese Parker is a survivor. But when one of her sketches puts her up against a human monster bigger than anything else that threatens the CORE, it’s a fight she might not survive.

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Colony Six #1


Sketch artist and detective Reese Parker serves the CORE, a postapocalyptic society devoted to maintaining peace and order. When she investigates a series of disappearances, a mysterious enemy threatens her assignment. But her own secrets could be the most dangerous of all.

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Colony Six #2


When their plan goes sideways, Jaxon and the Colony 6 crew start down a path that might get them all killed before they have the chance to save the CORE’s two million residents from a society that has enslaved them.

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Colony Six #3


With tightening control throughout the CORE, and a new Elite plot to enslave more of the population, Lyssa and her reunited sixer crew are all that stand in their way.

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