Lisbon’s Love Notes

By popular request, I’m posting some of Lisbon’s notes. At seven-years-old, Lisbon is my youngest child (of seven), and we often exchange notes on a whiteboard. What she writes sometimes means so much or makes me so happy, I just have to snap a picture!

The only mom I ever had

Lisbon's love notes, Best mom note

Excitement about a new toy, the Klip Klop Little People Castle

Klip Klop castle

Offering comfort

After my sister died, Lisbon was very supportive. You can check out the book that resulted from this note, The Book About Pets.

Encouraging a Child to Write

This might be my favorite so far!

I loved this note so much, I couldn’t bear to tell her it’s “you and I” are great friends.

Worms aren't beautiful

Português notes

My daughter is in English/Portuguese dual immersion, and she’s learning Portuguese very quickly. Note that she spelled Português without the final e, as she rightly should. My response to this following note was, OF COURSE. And we set about papering her room and my office with notes. Here are some she left me that will no longer stick!

Portugues notes


Lisbon's notes


Kiss face

Kiss face


Teyla Rachel Branton



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